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Imposter Syndrome vs. You

Inspired Readers,

Please join me in celebrating Ketanji Brown as the new Associate Supreme Court Justice! She is the first Black woman to be nominated to the Supreme Court! We all watched how in the face of overt disrespect, Justice Brown was the picture of grace and professionalism! This Black woman is one of the MOST qualified to ever hold the position and she OWNS it. That is the biggest takeaway for me. It is amazing to see an undeniably Black woman stand in her truth and her accomplishments.

As I take notice of the way in which she unapologetically accepts and acknowledges her power, I also recognize how in the face of adversity or when one’s knowledge/skills is questioned, it is easy for imposter syndrome to rear its ugly head. What is imposter syndrome, you ask? Well, it is simply self-doubt that creeps in when you’re in spaces that you have the skills, knowledge, or experience for but struggle to feel good or capable enough. Anxiety, avoidance, isolation, invalidating accomplishments/skills, negative self-talk and skewed perception of reality are just a few things that can come because of imposter syndrome. I had a recent squabble with “her” and I came out victorious! Though this is not always the case, somebody should go check on sis because I let her have it last week! I know this won’t be the last time she comes creeping up on me but I’ll just channel my inner Associate Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown and handle my business. What about you? Have you seen imposter syndrome lately? How do you push past it?

Here are some ways that can help:

Look at the facts: not what you feel (feelings may be real but they may not reflect reality)

Celebrate your wins! (no matter how big or small, a Win is a Win)

Surround yourself with people who affirm the facts and with whom you can share your feelings

Show yourself self-compassion (talk to yourself like you would your best friend or your child)

Drop perfectionism (Perfect is subjective and varies by person so it's impossible to obtain. Just do it

to best of your ability and that's all that can be done)

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1 Comment

Michael Watson
Michael Watson
Oct 03, 2023

Awesome read and great insights. Keep it coming

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