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Self-Care Plan

I have identified myself as being an individual who thrives on being busy. Let me explain;

some individuals believe less is better, but I am okay with being active. However, being as busy

as myself can lead to burnout for the average person. It is critical that being a wife, mother,

grandmother, doctoral student, and a person in upper management at my place of employment, I

know how to maintain my care routine. Maintaining my self-care regime is a journey.

Sometimes, it does not happen, and I can feel it when proper self-care does not occur. I have

learned the lack of self-care is dangerous, and being a stroke survivor, I have learned that there is

more to life than work. It is so crucial that you continue to find what life is to you. It cannot be

all work and no play. Sometimes, I must do the small things and wait on the bigger things, for

example. I love to be on a cruise ship, waiting to go to the beach to put my feet in the sand; that

is the ultimate self-care regime. However, that is only sometimes feasible as I try to complete

school and everything it encompasses, so I may have to settle for going to a local metro park and

sitting on the bench by the lake. Either way, there is a sense of peace that I desire. My

environment can change the pace at which I move and cause me to slow down.

Self-care is the one thing we lose when trying to juggle life. If I dedicate at least 10 minutes

to myself a day, sometimes that activity is the one thing that motivates and gives me energy. Part

of my self-care is guided meditation for 3- 4 minutes in the morning, even if it is in my car

before I go into my place of business. Also, completing guided meditation before bed requires

my mind to be clear and free from distractions. Sleep hygiene is essential; having the ability to

reflect, rest, and revive is necessary for the next day. Another part of my self-care routine is

watching some reality TV or comedy. My typical day consists of helping people and bridging

gaps so that when I go home, I want to laugh and not be serious. Another self-care activity for

myself is checking in with my senses: hearing, seeing, touching, tasting, smell.

Hearing: I love listening to jazz or gospel music; this is done daily

Seeing: love photography and will take pictures of nature or grandchildren

Touching: I have a dog named Sasha that I will pet every chance I get to help focus and reset.

Tasting: I love to cook and bake at least once a week. I will cook

Smell: I love to make candles once they are made to have the ability to smell what I have


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