Are your circumstances keeping you from living your goals and dreams? Do you feel like a victim in your own life? Trying to overcome your own hardships can feel like a nightmare! Luckily for you, now there's a solution. If you feel crushed under the weight of your life and you can't get out of your own way, Resilience Factor is the answer you've been looking for! One of the most powerful traits anyone can possess is resilience. In situations where almost anyone else would give up, a survivor will persist, even though the journey is long and will be turbulent. You're about to read a compilation of fifteen stories of people who have withstood trials and tribulations. The authors of this book include De'Lona Moultrie, Cynthia Dungey, Tifani Kendrick, Alice Riggins, Marcia Chapman, Aleatheia Mason, Robert Vico, Sheronda Byrd-Givens, Angela Garnett, Lisa DeSpain, Marshawna Hoyte, Shelia Ellis, Lady Tawana Peterson, and Dorothy Ridgeway-James. Each of the resilient people in this book overcame their past to thrive in their future. What did they overcome? So many things! Some experienced being abused as a child or were abandoned by one or more parents. Others endured divorce, spousal abuse, or separation. Still others suffered through financial hardship, alcoholism, drug abuse, or a criminal past. You may never know what secrets people are keeping, or what they've gone through to get where they are. It is our sincere hope that these stories encourage you as you overcome your own obstacles to greatness. Learn from them, draw strength from them, and above all, use Resilience Factor to drive you forward into higher and greater success in your own life. Don't hesitate - now is the time - dream bigger, soar higher - Order Now!

The Resilience Factor