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Hey there Speaking Purpose readers,

I know it's been a while since we have posted but IPCG has really been growing and digging into the vision and mission of our movement. We made a year old y'all and in doing so, have experienced all the joys and frustrations of being in the infant stage of our business, but we couldn't ask for a better dream in bringing quality mental health services to our community!

Now you might be wondering, why "power word"? Well, recently I had a friend reach out to me who explained that annually she chooses a word to encourage and motivate the things she'd like to see occur/improve in her life throughout the year. So this year, she decided she would to ask her friends to join her selecting a power word. I looked at the message, put my phone down, and admittedly could not think of a single I left her on "read". Extreme lol? Maybe. By the time I came to the conclusion that I did not have a word, it was too late to text so don't judge me! After about 2 days and some real introspection, I chose a word. It was move. Simple but deeply meaningful.

Why move? I've recognized that a lot of the work that I do both professionally and personally can be daunting and at times I may not feel adequate to "do it all" . This could result in unconsciously dragging my feet or even avoiding certain situations. In essence, I'll be stuck; stuck in fear of failure, stuck in fear of how things might be perceived, physically stuck, or stuck from just trying to calculate and plan. As a therapist (no we don't have it all figured out all the time), I recognize these thoughts or behaviors are counterproductive but it happens. In this field and life in general, I have learned that when we avoid things, no matter how big or small, we become less tolerant of the "things", which leads to why I chose move. This year I want to move in faith, physically move in my health/fitness, move in love, move despite of fear, move in purpose and trusting God to help lead the way so the moving will be positively impactful!

So I ask you, what is your power word for this year? Feel free to share!


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