Inspired readers,

I am here to remind you that "a hurdle ain’t never stopped nothin’". When looking at your path, hurdles can often be intimidating. Life hurdles are big road blockers that make following your path difficult but not impossible. There are many ways to clear a hurdle, as you approach your first hurdle in life you may stop, brace yourself, and jump over it. It will take a longer time to complete using this approach because it is new to you. As time goes on, you will clear those hurdles without missing a beat. You will notice that with time you are able to step over your hurdle and keep running the race rather than stopping, bracing and jumping. Both achieve the goal of clearing the hurdle, but you cannot step over the hurdle life has presented, if you have never jumped over one. Whether you are jumping or stepping over your hurdles, remember, a hurdle ain’t never stopped nothin’.

What is a hurdle that you have in your path? Allow yourself the grace to clear your hurdle. It may slow you down but don’t let it stop you.

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