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Creating a New Norm

Hello Inspired Readers,

It has been a while since we have posted on this blog but we are happy to hold a space once again for thought, reflection and action.

As we enter spring, we are reminded of the season of growing. As flowers bud and temperatures rise, we become acquainted with the new normal of spring weather. During this season you can expect growing pains and those growing pains can show up as far more than allergies. As we reflect on our own experiences of our season of growing, what will your new normal be? What are your “allergies” that come along with the season of growing and change?

With the changes of spring we trade our boots for sneakers, our sweaters for t-shirts and even our coats for light jackets. We see that in order to create a new normal we must be willing to change what we have previously been accustomed to. I am seeing that in my growing season I have had to change my why’s to why not. In my new normal I am showing up and accepting changes as they come. I am constantly reminding myself that I am capable of meeting every challenge I encounter. My growing pains are getting comfortable with the uncomfy feelings associated with having to face my challenges with this new attitude. Finding solace in discomfort is a challenge but again, why not?

I invite you all to take time to reflect on the new normal of your growing season.

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1 Comment

i resonate with this so much. being uncomfortable in the unknown is okay, but pushing ourselves to walk into our purpose anyways is what propels our growth further . Well said sis♥️

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