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Letting Go

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

As I reflect back on this past week, I am able to recognize a number of times where I allowed temporary circumstances to change my mood and interactions. Granted, we are human, and it is only part of our nature to be triggered by some situations and we are justified in feeling what we feel or think what we think. However, when those emotions/thoughts tend to shift and alter our energies and mindset consistently in a negative way, it is important to know when to let things go.

So I was sitting at work frustrated with what felt like a mountain of issues, none of which were going right or improving. I found myself starting to feel beyond discouraged and doubtful with thoughts like "what's the point", "I'm so tired of trying", so on and so forth into the spiraling abyss.

Here is where I really experienced the benefit of self-awareness. Over about a span of 30 minutes, I noticed I was more irritable, impatient, tense and isolated I became in situations where I typically am able to be calm and social. So when I took my break, I stepped away from my desk and began to do my internal check-in like "ok girl why are you so bothered right now?", "you weren't irritable earlier". I know it may sound silly but sometimes we lose touch with ourselves due to getting lost in our daily grinds and we need a second just to catch up. After the check-in, I realized that I was carrying the frustration from getting a disappointing message hours before. Because the situation was out of my control so I delved into things I could control as attempt to move on. But those emotions lingered. It wasn't until I took the time to acknowledge what I was feeling and validate myself that those negative thoughts/emotions begin to dissipate.

So this week, I would like to encourage you to practice acknowledging and validating how you think and feel so you are able to let things go and take the steps needed to improve your overrall mood/perspective. Protect your energy!

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